Mediocrity at its Finest

Call me Mer! I love to draw and tell stories, and I occasionally take pictures of stuff (when I remember to bring my camera).

I hope to be able to travel the world one day and fulfill my dream of becoming an animator!



Aoi Honoo is Too Real

fuck I feel you

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These ghosts are sad that halloween can’t come any sooner.

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i recommend the creme brulee


i recommend you go away


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More from Wednesday Wolf just being completely awesome.








I also just discovered he has his own tumblr here so check it kids.

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I got to shake hands with the amazing Takuya Wada today!! He drew Lupin III in my notebook and liked my doodles of his work. :3c

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Because Sam Reigel is the voice of both my favorite video game lawyer and my favorite gay shark.

Also, his attorney’s badge is his cape buckle. Just because.

(background and “objection” are from spriter’s resource)

Happy birthday to my bae, suscipepe

Greeting cards can be okay gifts, but I decided to take it up a notch this year and staple a few more pages and lol it’s not a greeting card anymore it’s a comic yaaayyyyy

These are some of the pages of the gift I made for him this year! Kind of like a sneak peek for the whole thing.

I am very, very late to the Lego Movie party. 

Emmet is a cute though and Chris Pratt too, to a certain degree and he’s here to tell you that you’re pretty awesome