Mediocrity at its Finest

Call me Mer! I love to draw and tell stories, and I occasionally take pictures of stuff (when I remember to bring my camera).

I hope to be able to travel the world one day and fulfill my dream of becoming an animator!




wow. *slow clap* finally one of these I can get behind.

seriously guys, just donate and stop wasting water

it’s affecting the planet.

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Sometimes I think about my current set of survival skills.

I’m not very proud of my current set of survival skills. 

Here’s an illustration I made for our world literature class’s final project for this term!

The prompt from our professor was to make a multimedia presentation about the stories we discussed in class. The story our group got was "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning"by Haruki Murakami.

I’ll probably have some more illustrations posted later on when I actually finish all more of them! In the mean time, wish cinnamintcherry, themichlife, sofia-dca, our tumblrless groupmate and I the best of luck! 

Robot Lovers: The Movie

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small animals appreciate you for taking care of them properly

don’t ever think that they don’t

So I just found out that this guy:

is also this guy:

please send help

Rest in peace, Robin Williams. You were an amazing and memorable actor. I hope you’re happier now; you of all people deserve to be happy. ;w;